bird is the word

Creating a new brand for a niche audience

The Challenge

A successful entrepreneur wanted to create a digital product for a niche audience. How do you build a bird brand from scratch and help it take off?

The Solution

We designed a clean logo and a custom Shopify website that helped the brand feel established, even though it was brand new. It didn't take long for the sales to start flying in.

Services we provided

Logo Design

We created a modern logo based on the founder's favorite bird, and then added multiple variations of the logo matched with text so the client could use it across all platforms.

eCommerce Store

Not only did we build a high-converting landing page for our client's digital product, we also wrote 15+ bird-specific articles and designed custom print-on-demand apparel so that brand and website felt like a whole lot more than just a single digital download. The result? A webpage that is converting more than 3.5% of cold traffic from a static Facebook ad.

Within weeks, we took our client's feathery idea to a Shopify website that converts more than 3.5% of Facebook ads driven to its site.
A clean, modern logo design that makes the brand feel more established than it is.

Born to fly

A brand that is ready to spread its wings