How to create a best-selling card game

The Challenge

A first-time founder had a great idea for a family-friendly card game but (admittedly) only had the graphic design abilities of a first grader. How do you take an idea and turn it into a best-selling product?

The Solution

We created beautifully designed cards and packaging that helped the game stand out online and on retail shelves. The result? 200,000+ decks sold of game one. Of course, the client hired us again to design the next three games.

How we helped

Package Design

We spent hundreds of hours on the packaging and graphic design to ensure that the products looked great from every angle, met all safety requirements, and so the packaging would last hundreds (and even thousands) of plays.

Logo Design

New brands need new logos. We created the brand's first logo to match the clients vision. And, when it came time for a brand refresh, we helped create a clean and modern logo that more prominently displays the brand's name on its packaging.

Website Design

We designed eCommerce pages that had the client's first product converting at an astounding 70% on Amazon during its first holiday season. Needless to say, the client sold out its first production run in a hurry.

PPC Campaign Management

We managed more than $600,000 in PPC ad spend on Amazon for the client, bringing in $2 million+ in sales. We did so well that we no longer manage the ad spend because the client sold the business for a huge profit.

From new product to more than $2 million in sales in six different countries.
A lifetime conversion rate of 34% on Amazon with more than $600,000 in managed ad spend.
What started out as one product turned into four games with 200,000+ units sold.

Designed to win

Great design brings joy.