Bright & Clean Lightroom Presets

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Illuminate your photos with a fresh and luminous look. These presets enhance brightness, clarity, and cleanliness, creating a consistent and uniform style. Perfect for your personal brand, portfolio, Instagram, or blog, they elevate your visuals with a vibrant and captivating aesthetic.
How many presets are included in each pack?

You will receive 5 stylized presets and an installation guide with each pack you download.

Note: You can download the entire Snapt™ Presets Bundle for one low price.

Are these truly one-click presets?

Yes. One click will give you a great edit that matches the theme's style.

And, since each photo you take is different, having five stylized presets in each pack increases the likelihood that you will quickly find a beautiful edit you love.

There may be times after applying the preset that you still want to make a few modifications to your image, but the preset adjustments will definitely be a significant starting point.

Is this a digital download?

Yes. After purchase, you will receive an instant download link. As some folders are .zip files, we recommend that you download the files to a desktop even if you want to install on mobile. It's just easier that way.

Do I need additional software to use these presets?

Our presets are designed for use with Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic (v7.4 or later) on desktop, as well as Lightroom Mobile. The preset file formats are .XMP for desktop and .DNG for mobile.

Please note: There are ways to install the presets for use in Photoshop through Adobe Camera Raw. You can find various tutorials online that walk you through that installation process. Please be sure that your version of Photoshop/Adobe Camera Raw is compatible with .XMP presets.

Do these presets work on desktop and mobile?

Yes. Our presets work with Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic (v7.4 or later) on desktop, as well as Lightroom Mobile.

Do these presets work with JPEGs?

Yes. Most of the photos on this page are JPEGs. While these presets are made to work specifically with RAW files, you can edit JPEGs as well.

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital product, we do not offer refunds.



All 17 of our presets packs combined into one amazing collection. Finally, a simple way to edit your photos at one spectacular price.

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Adventure Always • Brick & Mortar • Lit & Fit • Night Skyline


These presets give your photos a touch of exploration and excitement by bringing out the vibrant colors, natural textures, and dynamic contrasts of outdoor scenes.

Your photos will tell the stories and capture the essence of your travels and experiences.



These presets are perfect for bringing out the colors and brightness of your favorite scenes: the blue sea, the clear sky, the wildflowers, smiling faces, and more!

These presets have several options to suit different lighting and exposure conditions. You can choose from different intensities, hues, and effects to achieve the summertime result you like best.

Bright & Clean • Classic Film • Iconic Influencer • Portrait Studio


These presets help you achieve a consistent and uniform style across all your photos for your personal brand, and are perfect for enhancing your portfolio, Instagram profile, or personal blog.

Pure Babe • Forever & Ever


These presets provide a special feel to some of your most important memories. You will celebrate your life's biggest occasions - and your most treasured faces - over and over as you relive those experiences through your photos.

Car & Driver • Deep Mood • Elegant Style • Metro Black


These presets give your photos a dark and dramatic look, highlighting saturated colors and shadows. Ideal for creating a special atmosphere and unique style in your images, you can use these presets with landscape, portrait, urban, or any other type of photo you want to give a different touch.

The Snapt™ Presets Bundle

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