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Mindful Photography + Creativity

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Style: Mindful+

Photo prompts and worksheets that help you find calm in a hectic world.

Using any camera, you can learn to mindfully manage your stress, navigate criticism, and unlock your creativity with our easy-to-use tools.

Shot Cards by Snapt™

Inspire creativity with 67,000+ shot combinations

Creativity, Stress, & Criticism Worksheets

Search introspectively to build emotional resilience

Mindful Photo Prompts

Focus your vision and achieve a goal each week

Photography Basics Chart

No matter your skill level or equipment, you can do this

A Few Mindful Photography + Creativity Examples

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Color Meditation

Prompt: Choose a color that you feel drawn to on a particular day. Spend time in nature looking for this color in various shades and forms. Capture a series of photos that represent the chosen color’s presence in nature.

Goal: To focus attention and cultivate a sense of calm through the exploration of color.

Sensory Anchoring (Sample Section from the Managing Stress Worksheet)

  • Choose one of the photos you’ve taken using our "52-Week Mindful Photography Prompts.”
  • Identify five things you can see in the photo.
  • Identify four things you can touch or feel based on what's in the photo (e.g., the texture of a leaf, the warmth of the sun).
  • Identify three things you could hear if you were in the photo (e.g., the rustling of leaves, distant birds chirping).
  • Identify two things you could smell if you were in the photo (e.g., fresh earth, blossoming flowers).
  • Identify one emotion the photo evokes in you.

This technique helps to anchor you in the present and divert attention from stressors. Writing down your responses can help process and release any tension.

Our bundles also include worksheets to help you mindfully use photography to manage stress and criticism.

Example: Draw one card from each of the three decks (Subject, Genre, Shot)

Subject Card:

Genre Card: Pet Photography
(Portraits and candid shots of animals).

Shot Card: Overhead
(Shooting from directly above the subject, especially popular in product and food photography).

Learn more about Shot Cards by Snapt

My Story

I have launched (and sold) two businesses that have netted more than $2,000,000 in sales. As I grew those brands, I felt tons of stress and anxiety - worried that somehow everything would break.

During the early days of business, my dad took up bird photography. As I joined him on his nature walks, I found the calm and peace I needed. I soon bought my own gear and started using photography as a way to see the world - and my stresses - in a new light.

I'm excited to share my passion - and how a mindful approach to photography has helped me - with you.

Jake Hiller

Bundle of Joy

Instantly download this incredible package and begin your creative renaissance + mindful photography journey today!

What's Included?
  • Photography basics overview
  • 52-Week Mindful Photography Prompts
  • Shot Cards by Snapt™
  • Unlocking Creativity Worksheet
  • Managing Stress Worksheet
  • Navigating Criticism Worksheet
What Are Shot Cards™?

3 unique decks with tens of thousands of possibilities! Draw a card from each deck and then shoot your shot!

  • Subject: This deck offers 99 cards containing the words of everyday items - from coffee mug to bottle cap - helping you rediscover newness in the ordinary.
  • Genre: This deck contains 31 photography genres - from fine art to street photography - assisting you to explore a range of shooting styles.
  • Shot: This deck has 22 shot ideas - from canted angle to leading lines - allowing you to focus on different compositions and angles.
How Do the Worksheets Work?

One of the best ways to process growth is through reflection and writing. If you're looking to reduce your stress, navigate criticism, and unlock your creativity, these worksheets are for you. Each worksheet provides you the opportunity to observe, reflect, and write. These techniques will help you explore answers to your stressors and find more peace.

How Can the Mindful Prompts Help Me?

Designed to guide you through a year of thoughtful photography, each weekly prompt encourages you to see the world with fresh eyes, connect with the present moment, and capture memories with intention. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these prompts help you blend mindfulness with your love of photography.


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